01 May 2012

Oak Dale Baptist Churchyard, Nokesville, Virginia

Churchyard at Oak Dale Baptist Church, Nokesville, Virginia
While most of the photographs in this blog were taken at larger urban cemeteries, I often run across rural cemeteries like this one that have their own simple beauty. Most of these cemeteries are either family plots - sometimes abandoned, but usually carefully cared for by the family, or churchyards like this one. As is often the case in the south there are a few Confederate soldiers' graves in even the smallest yards.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. The oddest thing happened. I got to this web page by looking up images of "Oak Dale Baptist Church, Nokesville, VA.". I was out there 2 weeks ago-like you taking photos of the graves. My husbands family is buried there. My husband and I(as well as several relatives on face book) were curious as to where a young child in the family (who died in the early 1900s was buried. I thought her name was Adel Anderson--but I suppose it might have been ADELAIDE. I think this is her grave site! The rest of the family is buried here. The little girl died on a wagon (I think of Pneumonia)while her parents moved to their new farm. Chills are running up my spine!