Rose Hill

Rose Hill Cemetery was founded in 1840 on 65 acres of land overlooking Ocmulgee River. It is a breathtaking location with hills and ravines and dramatic views in all directions.

Confederate Section
Rose Hill was designed by Simri Rose, a printer and publisher of the Georgia Messenger - one of Macon's first newspapers. Rose patterned the cemetery after Mount Auburn in Massachusetts, credited with being the first of the Rural type cemeteries in the US. Rose was also avid horticulturalist. He imported a variety of plants to mix among the native trees and shrubs on the property. Some of his trees are still here, including the two large Cypress trees near the College Street entrance.

William Wolff Cemetery area of Rose Hill
There are three governors, two United States Senators and a Congressman and at least thirty-one city mayors buried here. There is a section devoted to the graves of some six hundred Confederate soldiers who died in this area, and also six Hebrew burial plots. The St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery is also located within Rose Hill. 

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