04 December 2011

Arlington National Cemetery

Spanish American War Section

Arlington National was established in 1864 as a burying ground for the thousands of Civil War casualties that were filling up cemeteries everywhere. Today it stands as perhaps the most famous military cemetery anywhere in the world. It is a challenge to do this place justice. Perhaps the most sacred space in the America and also one of the most photographed, it is hard to say anything original and impossible to treat it with too much respect.

14 November 2011

Veterans Day Salute

Marietta National Cemetery

While Memorial Day is meant to honor all those who died in service to their country, Veterans Day is meant to honor all our veterans, both living and dead, who served their country in war or peacetime. It was originally called Armistice Day and celebrated on November 11th, the anniversary of the end of World War I in 1919.

Our National Cemetery system was originally created during the Civil War for the burial of those killed in that conflict. These cemeteries now a burial place for all veterans and their immediate family. These hallowed grounds are some of the most beautiful landscape designs in America.

02 November 2011

Arlington Memorial - Sandy Springs GA

Arlington Memorial Park in Sandy Springs is less than 100 years old, young compared to most of the other grounds in this blog. Unlike the historic Rural cemeteries, this more modern Lawn or Memorial Park cemetery is more orderly, with fewer larger grave markers. It has, however, an orientation and terrain that makes for some great photo locations, and I've returned to it many times at dusk to capture the light there.

09 October 2011

Christ Church Churchyard - Greenville SC

One of many CSA Iron Crosses at Christ Church

In downtown Greenville, South Carolina, you will find two fine old cemeteries within a few blocks of each other - Springwood and Christ Church. The churchyard of Christ Church Episcopal completely surrounds the church and occupies nearly the entire grounds. The first graves date to 1835 and are now underneath the current church building. The churchyard is the final resting place for many Confederate soldiers, as well as political figures from the Civil War era and later.

02 October 2011

Scribner Cemetery - Georgia

The Scribner Family cemetery is located on what is now park land in Georgia. According to state law, unless the cemetery has been declared abandoned, the family retains ownership of the individual graves. This is one of thousands of such family cemeteries in Georgia, standing as mute testament to the days when much of the population lived in rural farming areas and each family buried their dead on their own land.

The obelisk that dominates the small plot has four names inscribed on it. Daniel Scribner, MD, died in 1863 at the age of 41. A Civil War casualty? His wife Sarah died in 1883 at age 47. Their two sons, Arthur and Walter, each died before they were two. Sadly, vandalism and grave robbing are problems with plots like these in remote locations.

25 September 2011

Wahoo Baptist Church - Murrayville, GA

Wahoo Baptist
The Slot and Tab tombs are unique to North Georgia. Wahoo Baptist church, founded in 1819, seems to be at the center of an area that includes Lumpkin, White and Hall counties, and contains perhaps the largest number of these graver markers anywhere. The author of the 'Slate-and-Tab Tombs of NE Georgia' website has recorded 166 cemeteries that contain graves with these markers. While the structure is all above ground, the bodies are still buried beneath them as the hollow tombs are empty. 
More photos and information here. Locate the church here.

18 September 2011

Rose Hill - Rockmart, Georgia

If you ride the Silver Comet Trail bike path west from Atlanta you will eventually ride through Rockmart. Shortly after passing through the center of town the trail skirts along the northeastern edge of Rose Hill Cemetery. Located on a hill it commands a view in all directions. It was particularly brilliant day - unusual for July - when I took these shots with my phone camera.

I've found very little information about this cemetery. The Gazebo that sits on the grounds was built in 1891, so the grounds must predate that some number of years.

16 September 2011

Oakland Cemetery - Atlanta GA

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia
Anyone interested in the history of Atlanta, or in significant cemeteries in the south, must visit Oakland Cemetery. TripAdvisor recently ranked it as the #1 attraction of the 167 it reviewed for the city. The Historic Oakland  Foundation is dedicated to preserving this landmark and maintaining its beautiful grounds. They give walking tours on weekends on a rotating series of topics. A must see!
This photo of the Confederate section along with the Confederate Obelisk was taken on Confederate Memorial Day in 2011. The section contains 6,900 Confederate graves plus another 3,000 unknowns. During the Civil War the wounded from battles to the north were sent to Atlanta hospitals, the largest cluster of which were located just a half mile from Oakland. 

More photos and information here.