28 September 2012

Madison Cemeteries - Madison, Georgia

At least four cemeteries are encompassed in the Madison Cemeteries property. The oldest is Old Cemetery, where the earliest known burial is from 1811. Additional parcels were added over the years: Westview in 1880, Fairview in 1904, and Madison Memorial in 1958. You can see the progression of cemetery architecture and design styles over the years in these different areas. There are also two Confederate re-interment sites on each side of the railroad tracks that bisect the property.

Confederate Section


Old Cemetery

09 September 2012

Saint Paul's Church Graveyard - Norfolk, Virginia

The final resting place for 24 Revolutionary War, and 22 War of 1812, veterans, the graveyard that surrounds St Paul's Episcopal Church may contain graves dating back to before the current church building was erected in 1739. It is a beautiful and historic church and the graves of many of Norfolks founders can be found under in the dark tree canopy and along the brick wall that surrounds the property.