25 September 2011

Wahoo Baptist Church - Murrayville, GA

Wahoo Baptist
The Slot and Tab tombs are unique to North Georgia. Wahoo Baptist church, founded in 1819, seems to be at the center of an area that includes Lumpkin, White and Hall counties, and contains perhaps the largest number of these graver markers anywhere. The author of the 'Slate-and-Tab Tombs of NE Georgia' website has recorded 166 cemeteries that contain graves with these markers. While the structure is all above ground, the bodies are still buried beneath them as the hollow tombs are empty. 
More photos and information here. Locate the church here.

18 September 2011

Rose Hill - Rockmart, Georgia

If you ride the Silver Comet Trail bike path west from Atlanta you will eventually ride through Rockmart. Shortly after passing through the center of town the trail skirts along the northeastern edge of Rose Hill Cemetery. Located on a hill it commands a view in all directions. It was particularly brilliant day - unusual for July - when I took these shots with my phone camera.

I've found very little information about this cemetery. The Gazebo that sits on the grounds was built in 1891, so the grounds must predate that some number of years.

16 September 2011

Oakland Cemetery - Atlanta GA

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia
Anyone interested in the history of Atlanta, or in significant cemeteries in the south, must visit Oakland Cemetery. TripAdvisor recently ranked it as the #1 attraction of the 167 it reviewed for the city. The Historic Oakland  Foundation is dedicated to preserving this landmark and maintaining its beautiful grounds. They give walking tours on weekends on a rotating series of topics. A must see!
This photo of the Confederate section along with the Confederate Obelisk was taken on Confederate Memorial Day in 2011. The section contains 6,900 Confederate graves plus another 3,000 unknowns. During the Civil War the wounded from battles to the north were sent to Atlanta hospitals, the largest cluster of which were located just a half mile from Oakland. 

More photos and information here.