27 February 2012

Mt. Pleasant Baptist, Bartow County, GA

Mount Pleasant Baptist cemetery, Bartow County, Georgia
Important instructions at a self-service cemetery.

19 February 2012

Holy Rood Cemetery, Washington DC

Holy Rood, established by Holy Trinity Catholic Church in 1832, sits atop one of the highest points in Washington. Today Holy Rood is owned by Georgetown University, but is suffering from years of neglect and vandalism.

12 February 2012

Alta Vista Cemetery, Gainesville, GA

Alta Vista Cemetery, Gainesville, Georgia
Alta Vista “high view” in Spanish, and the site of this cemetery in Gainesville, Georgia offers that in all directions. This cemetery, which contains the graves of many of Gainesville's best know citizens, is perhaps best known for the grave and memorial of Civil War general James Longstreet, one of Lee's closest lieutenants.

More on Alta Vista here.

05 February 2012

Marietta City Cemetery - Marietta, GA

Marietta City Cemetery, established in 1831, is one of the oldest in the Atlanta metro area. This shot was taken as dark was fast approaching. A cemetery in the winter after sunset - a natural for B&W.