04 December 2016

Madison City Cemetery

The old City Cemetery in Madison is one of my favorite cemeteries in Georgia. If I'm ever nearby I plan some extra time to visit. It's worth a trip in itself.

08 September 2016

Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago

Rosehill, with 350 acres, is Chicago's largest cemetery. Like nearby Graceland, Rosehill is an iconic example of the Rural cemetery. It is the final resting place for many Chicagoans, both prominent and unknown. When the old City Cemetery in what is now Lincoln Park was relocated, most of the graves where moved here. Use the phrase "final resting place" with a caveat.

28 May 2016

Cassville Cemetery

Cassville Cemetery - Cassville, Georgia

05 March 2016

Colon Cemetery in Havana

Colon Cemetery in Havana, Cuba is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. And it is respectfully and carefully maintained. The remains of Christopher Columbus were once interred on these grounds until Spain claimed rights to them.

Colon Cemetery in Havana

27 September 2015

West Hill Cemetery - Dalton GA

West Hill is situated on a ridge in the town of Dalton. When the Confederate General Joe Johnston took over the command of the Army of Tennessee in April 1864 he held a grand review of the army on this ridge. There are over 400 unknown solders, mostly Confederate but a few Union too, buried here, most killed in the three day battle of Chickamauga, Only Gettysburg was deadlier. The Atlanta Campaign began when Johnston retreated from Dalton and began defending positions between here and Atlanta. Now West Hill is one of Dalton's most beautiful green spaces.

11 March 2015

The Irish Plot in Middletown, Rhode Island

I missed this small cemetery in my many visits to Rhode Island. A reason for another trip!

23 November 2014

Zion Cemetery - White GA

Someone is still placing flowers at the grave of this Confederate solder who died in 1896. A relative? Son or Daughter of the Confederacy? I'm am always surprised at the care that is provided to so many tiny remote graveyards in rural areas.

I love the chiaroscuro effects provided by trees and gravestones on bright winter day.