23 January 2012

Decatur - Decatur, GA

James McNeil, Colonel, GA Troops, Rev War. Died in 1853 at age 96.
The Historical Marker in Decatur Cemetery claims that it is the oldest known public burial ground in metro Atlanta. I've read the same thing about Utoy in East Point. Without definitive burial records it'll be hard to tell for sure. The "old" section of Decatur is supposed to predate the founding of the City of Decatur in 1823. Regardless, it does contain several gravesites of veterans of the American Revolution.

11 January 2012

North Burial Ground - Providence, RI

North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island
I see so many photos overdone with HDR processing, to the point that they look like cartoons. Of course that is the prerogative of the photographer. Experimenting in the other direction seems appropriate for graveyard photographs. In this photo, taken at the North Burial Ground in Providence, I desaturated the image and flattened out the contrast.

02 January 2012

Rose Hill - Macon GA

Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, Georgia
I'd read that anyone who visits Rose Hill will eventually be stopped and asked for directions to the graves of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley. These two original members of the Allman Brothers band, who died in motorcycle crashes within a year of each other in 1971 and 1972, are buried side by side in Rose Hill. Sure enough, on the day I visited I was stopped twice by people looking for the gravesite. Rose Hill is justly famous for more reasons than the Allman Brothers. It is Macon's largest and oldest cemetery, laid out over 65 acres on a bluff overlooking the Ocmulgee River. The bluff itself is split into several ridges and the varied topography creates many interesting viewpoints throughout the site.