Sta Viator - "stop traveler" - is a Latin phrase found in many epitaphs. It is the simple purpose of this project. 

For a number of reasons I have had a keen interest in cemeteries for a long time. I rememeber attending my grandfather's funeral and burial at a national military cemetery when I was a boy. I was struck even then by the great solemnity of the place and its historical richness.

As I've traveled over the years I found cemeteries to be hidden resources of green space in cities, in many cases better designed and maintained than the cities' parks.

These places offer a unique window into history, art, architecture and landscape design. At the same time they are profoundly personal spaces where families place the remains of their loved ones, with the conviction that their graves will be cared for in perpetuity.

My main interest is in making photographs that explore the many facets of these places. At the same I try to capture in words some interesting information about them, from their histories to anecdotes to the graves of notable people.

"Show me your cemeteries and I'll tell you what kind of people you have."
Benjamin Franklin


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  1. I think that Arlington photo is my favorite on the whole site--something about the contrast between the glossy, crisp face of the cross and fuzzy, frilly trees and clouds.