09 September 2012

Saint Paul's Church Graveyard - Norfolk, Virginia

The final resting place for 24 Revolutionary War, and 22 War of 1812, veterans, the graveyard that surrounds St Paul's Episcopal Church may contain graves dating back to before the current church building was erected in 1739. It is a beautiful and historic church and the graves of many of Norfolks founders can be found under in the dark tree canopy and along the brick wall that surrounds the property.



  1. Where are the burial recorks kept from about 1806-1810 for this church? Searching for burial of Benjamin Wolfe a merchant taylor who's shop was on 40 Water street in 1806. Also looking for a marriage record for Benjamin Wolfe and Elizabeth_____ about 1805.

    Tom Thompson

    1. Tom, I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to that. I'd suggest giving the church a call directly.

    2. Tom, Did you find this information?