15 July 2012

Brooklyn and Queens from the Air

Flying into LaGuardia Airport from the southwest takes you over a dozen cemeteries, providing an entirely different perspective on these green spaces. Here are four I saw from the right side of the plane. I discovered afterwards that I probably would have had a great view of Green-Wood off the left side of the plane.

Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn

Cemetery of the Holy Cross, Brooklyn

Linden Hill Cemetery, Queens

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Queens
You can see how full these cemeteries are. This article from the NY Times in 2010 discusses how all the major cemeteries in New York City are either completely full or rapidly approaching their capacity:  City Cemeteries Face Gridlock.


  1. Remarkable photos--it's not easy to get good shots from a plane. Nice that you can do aerial scouting so you know what you want to explore on the ground when you're up there next time. Are you thinking of getting your own drone?

  2. Thanks. I don't know why these are so affecting but they are to me.